Unbridled Leadership

Unbridled Leadership is a turbo charged performance leadership workshop designed to guide leaders desiring to build organizations characterized by high levels of commitment and by high levels of performance

These LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES, when learned, are guaranteed to increase leadership effectiveness.

Unbridled Leadership is an innovative, powerful leadership workshop that develops leadership skills, drives engagement and delivers results. This workshop will demonstrate how leadership is the key driver for engaged people, and is the difference between average and peak performance. What’s unique about this workshop is that leaders discover how to lead through experiential learning with a horse.

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Confident Humility™

Confident humility is a cornerstone of leadership. Being confidently humble exudes integrity and dependability that earns genuine trust, helping others become engaged at their highest level of commitment.

Be Responsible Leaders

Leaders must first fulfill their responsibilities before others can fulfill theirs. Unbridled Leadership examines the four responsibilities of leaders and four responsibilities of followers.

Be Motivating…With Fierce Resolve

Leaders must motivate people in a way that will engage at an internalized level of commitment and deliver desired results. The key is to be as soft as possible and as firm as it takes.

Be A Genuine Partner

Being a genuine partner requires competencies from the other three quadrants. Unbridled Leadership teaches leaders how to develop synergistic partnerships that result in peak performance.

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Mark L Oborn

With expertise in leadership, strategy, performance measurement and process design, Mark is a highly sought after executive advisor. He is known for helping leadership teams consistently deliver the four leadership outcomes with a laser focus on measurable leadership. He strives to achieve leadership development that drives performance for lasting results. Mark developed Pure Leadership Power© as a tool to unite leadership teams in transforming their organizations and creating a results-focused culture.

Kirk J Oborn

Kirk has extensive experience as a business professional with much of the time spent in senior leadership roles where he has developed expertise in leadership development. By coaching individuals to become accountable, work on teams, and improve performance, mediocrity was replaced with excellence and potentials were unleashed. Specializing in workforce optimization and performance measurement, he has helped companies establish good business practices that keep employees satisfied, loyal, and engaged.


Lillan Roquet

Lillan Roquet is a 3-Star Parelli Professional based out of Utah. Her specialty lies in teaching her students to read and interpret horse behavior, and educating her students on strategies to train and motivate their unique horse for optimal performance. Her emphasis on putting the relationship first with horses and humans sets Lillan apart! She has participated in multiple tour stops where her amazing skills have been showcased. She has been riding since age eight, jumping, doing dressage and endurance riding, and she came to natural horsemanship as a teenager. Lillan earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and is currently teaching Parelli horsemanship nationally and internationally.


Craig Johnson and Lannie Scopes

Not only are Craig and Lannie cowboy entertainers, strumming guitars and spinning yarns, they are also public speakers and corporate educators, providing customer service training, team building, and leadership workshops for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They like to be thought of as Cowboy EnterTRAINERS! They apply the Code of the West to the challenges that face your organization, helping your team members develop a personal ‘brand’ that will inspire them to be more customer-focused, better problem solvers, and more excited to come to work each day. Their style is entertaining, memorable, and most of all, it’s effective.

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Why horses?

Horses possess a survival instinct to seek leadership. The horse will instinctively size participants up to determine if they will follow this human. That honest, instinctive desire to follow makes horses that perfect medium to learn leadership. Horses don’t care about your title – they always give you immediate and honest feedback. When you lead right, they will follow; when you don’t, they wont.


The Unbridled Leadership™ workshop exceeded my expectations. The leadership principles it taught and the way they used the horses to reinforce the principles was absolutely fantastic. At G.E., I’ve experience one of the best leadership training systems in the world and the Unbridled Leadership™ course is truly a world-class program. The leadership team loved it…they were much more engaged and excited about it than I could have ever imagined.

Jerry Rose - GE, Senior Executive

The greatest ‘ah ha’ moment through this training has been when we have people on our teams that are not performing, often times we as leaders will believe that its an issue with our people. But what we have learned, is that is often more an issue of leadership.

Jeff Reynolds - Genysis Brand Solutions, CEO

It’s the best leadership development program I’ve experienced - especially for our physician leaders.

Jeff Taylor - IPC: The Hospitalist Company, President

My executives and I were emphatically surprised and delighted by Unbridled Leadership. Surprised because we thought we had heard it all on leadership. Delighted because it provided powerful insights on how to engage people that really work…and it was fun!

Kent Murdock - O.C. Tanner Company, President & CEO

Our employees are now starting to take ownership of their jobs.

Joel Hall - JDH Group, CEO & Owner

As a result, productivity has improved as has the engagement level of our people. Unbridled Leadership really works!

Mike Call - President & CEO

I had such a fun and educational experience attending the Unbridled Leadership workshop presented by Petrous. I didn’t know what to expect going into the training but was impressed with the venue they used and the quality of their presentations over the two days. They even added to the cowboy theme by having ‘Hired Guns, LLC.’ perform some cowboy poetry and songs throughout! In addition to the powerful, thought-provoking leadership principles Petrous taught, it was exhilarating to work so closely with horses! (Be sure to wear your boots!) If you manage people, you need to experience this unique leadership workshop first-hand and it will enhance your ability to lead.

Jarum Stone - Your Employment Solutions, Chief Operating Officer

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